About Johnathan Schultz.

An Artistic Force to be Reckoned With.

Redefining the workings of a luxury industry isn’t something that many can say they’ve done, but Johnathan Schultz is continuing to trailblaze his way through one of the world’s top markets. As a South African artist and entrepreneur, Johnathan is inspired by precious metals and diamonds, two of the country’s most valued natural resources. He integrates these different mediums along with other precious stones and artifacts into fabulous works of art that are not only mesmerizing, but have a back-story of hope, diversity and the ultimate rise over obstacles. His passion for innovation is matched by his fascination with contemporary art and the way art communicates universally. Recently, Johnathan has explored new applications of precious metals and materials, to bring both gravity and depth to large-scale artworks.

Amidst all his projects, Johnathan’s goal is unchanging: to make the impossible a reality. His awe-inspiring art has patrons entranced as they see themselves reflected back to them in these art pieces. As patrons begin to interact with his art, they find it reveals a deeply personal connection.

While other kids were selling lemonade, Johnathan was obsessed with Lego, which was a world of creativity just waiting for his inquisitive mind. From age 8, he began creating 3D greeting cards, long before any company had delved into that world. Jonathan later parlayed his entrepreneurial spirit into successful businesses and innovative art pieces.

Jonathan is known for his Diamond Series, which is composed of sculptures and canvas with diamond imagery or intricately placed white diamonds of varying sizes. His current work is focused on blending the worlds of art, precious metals and diamonds to create groundbreaking pieces. His sense of what art is and the aspects that he adds push boundaries. His overall goal is to create something that is more than art, and that encompasses the beauty of precious metals and diamonds.

“Art takes us back to our roots. We are inspired by it, we crave to be better because of it. Art develops over time, and so do we, ” says Johnathan. His passion for innovation can only be matched by his fascination with contemporary art and the way art communicates universally. He visualizes his unique creations and then implements his art into many different forms, each one with a unique story and some may even be an important part of history.

Johnathan’s next exhibition, ‘Out of the Darkness’, draws inspiration from world leaders including Nelson Mandela with one-of-a-kind artifacts from Robben Island, South Africa, where Mr. Mandela spent 18 of his 27 imprisoned years.

“‘Out of the Darkness’ represents the dark that Nelson came out of. It also parallels the challenge that we (as a world) are facing right now as we emerge from a pandemic,” says Jonathan.

‘The Johnathan Schultz Infinity Series’ features layered gold handprints which were featured at the OSCARS© official gifting suite in April 2021 where custom pieces were created for Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Anthony Anderson, KESHA and Eugene Levy. Each one-of-a-kind 3D infinity box uses individual handprints and consists of nine to fourteen layers of real gold.