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Pop-Up Exhibition

Aventura Mall, Miami, FL (September 17-19, 2021)
VIP Party, Sept 17 from 5-7pm – RSVP to info@thejohnathanschultz.com

Due to many hours of idle time during quarantine, Johnathan began creating skateboard art pieces. “I was bored, which is how I started drawing on the skateboards. When I was younger, I was a sponsored skateboarder and I’ve always felt that skateboarding represents never giving up, always landing the trick and pushing yourself to the next level.” The board artwork evolved into the ‘I Got Board Series’ which includes 100% functional skateboards covered in either 23kt gold leaf, platinum or graphic elements. The gold and platinum skateboards along with several other of Johnathan’s collections will be featured at his Pop-Up Exhibition at the Aventura Mall in Miami, FL, September 17-19.

LE ART Noir Diversity in Color during Art Basel

LE ART Noir Diversity in Color during Art Basel Miami Beach (December 2-5, 2021)

Jonathan Schultz Announces ‘Out of the Darkness’ Collection to Headline the LE ART Noir Diversity in Color taking place during Art Basel Miami Beach

Johnathan Schultz is pleased to announce his next art exhibition ‘Out of the Darkness’ will be featured at LE ART Noir Diversity in Color taking place during Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2-5, 2021. ‘Out of the Darkness’, draws inspiration from world leaders including Nelson Mandela with one-of-a-kind artifacts from Robben Island, South Africa, where Mr. Mandela spent 18 of his 27 imprisoned years.

“I grew up in the apartheid era and when Nelson became President of South Africa, I was able to experience a change. I saw the benefits of him being President and I felt that change so deeply. It was really inspiring to me.  What he was able to achieve is just incredible and I saw firsthand how he was able to calm the friction in the country. He was such an inspiration to me and to so many people I know. I created these art pieces because I want the world to experience a little bit of Nelson’s magic and be inspired to do great things. ‘Out of the Darkness’ represents the dark that Nelson came out of. It also parallels the challenge that we (as a world) are facing right now as we emerge from a pandemic,” says Schultz.

Some of the exquisite art pieces will include; ‘The Left Hand of Freedom.‘ This is Nelson Mandela’s actual handprint made of 23Kt Gold Leaf and 18Kt gold, ‘Fingerprint,’ (As seen with Johnathan Schultz and Anthony Anderson) Mandela’s actual fingerprint in gold, ‘The Gold Shirt,‘ a tribute to Mandela, which is a collaboration between textile artist Sebastien County and Johnathan Schultz, which includes 24Kt gold thread and silver threads, the shirt weight is 1,900 grams or 4.18 lbs, and many more incredible art pieces made from rare Mandela artifacts.

Le Art Noir, Diversity in Color is a unique multicultural collaboration of artists from around the globe. Through visual journeys, artists display personal and emotional stories raising awareness and encouraging activism. It will challenge the boundaries on issues that plague today’s society and open the minds of the audience to look at diversity from a different perspective.

As a South African artist and entrepreneur, Johnathan Schultz is inspired by precious metals and diamonds, two of the country’s most valued natural resources. He integrates these different mediums along with other precious stones and artifacts into fabulous works of art that are not only mesmerizing, but have a back-story of hope, diversity and the ultimate rise over obstacles. His passion for innovation is matched by his fascination with contemporary art and the way art communicates universally. Amidst all his projects, Johnathan’s goal is unchanging: to make the impossible a reality. 

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OSCARS© 2021 Gifting Suite

OSCARS© 2021 Gifting Suite (April 2021)

In Celebration of Oscars Week, GBK Productions Partnered with Kimpton Le Peer Hotel and Angeleno Magazine for a Star-Studded Party. GBK Productions, the Leader in Celebrity Gifting Lounges, Hosted a Private Party Thursday to Kick off the Oscars Awards Season.  GBK Productions, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration.

See photos from the event here.