Out Of

The Darkness

South African Johnathan Schultz, inspired by precious metals and diamonds, two natural resources that South Africa is famous for, is an artist and entrepreneur. Johnathan integrates many different platforms that he uses to create fabulous pieces that both, look amazing, as well as have a back-story of hope, diversity and the ultimate rise over obstacles.

Johnathan Schultz.

Born and raised in South Africa,

Johnathan has married his love of natural resources with his creative mind, to curate and create amazing pieces in all platforms.

From precious metal sculptures using flaw-less diamonds, to 3D to wall murals, chandeliers, skateboards and more!

He loves collaborating with other artists as well as execute his own ideas (which are many, based on the number of ‘suede’ workbooks he writes in, to generate ideas and visually create them from embryo to finished product.) His art is visually stunning, and each piece has a story as simple and complex, as we are, as human beings.

In recent years, Johnathan has explored new applications of precious metals and materials as tools, to bring both gravity and depth, to large-scale artworks. His passion for his innovation in his industry is matched by his fascination with contemporary art and the way art can communicate universally. He visualizes his creations and then implements his art into many different forms!

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The Gold shirt by Sebastian Courty and Johnathan Schultz